Team manager


Manuela Caminada graduated in Public Relations from the IULM University of Languages and Communication

and went on to work for the French multinational Richmond, which deals with illustrious luxury brands such as Cartier,

Piaget and Baume&Mercier; here she had the opportunity to gain extensive experience in press office, product-based

and corporate work. Five years later she began working as the international press office manager for Frette.


Manuela Caminada has been working in the industry for five years now as a press officer for important brands

in fashion/accessories, sport, tourism, food and wine, prestigious sport and cultural events and clients like Australian,

Kiton, Fiat Freestyle Team, Golden Skate Award, Alfa Romeo.


The friendly, welcoming showroom, in the centre of Milan, is the ideal place to display products and receive journalists.

Manuela Caminada and her team regularly organise theme-based open days, which provide the perfect opportunity to meet

the press and show off the clients’ new collections on display in the showroom, meeting time between companies' management and a very specific type of public: the press. The team often visits editorial offices to meet journalists and assess with them the

possibility of any special initiatives.


29 years have passed since Manuela Caminada first started to get involved with press releases and editorial offices,

but she still tackles every working day with the exact same enthusiasm that she has always had.

Via Leopardi 2, 20123 Milano - Tel. +39 02 45487485